Experience The Mountain Retreat In Crestone, CO

San Luis Valley

San Luis Valley

”Leaving behind your hindering homeland your afflictions will gradually diminish;
Undistracted your virtuous conduct will increase;
And thus gaining clarity of mind your understanding of Dharmas will grow;
Dwell in isolation–This is the practice of a Conqueror’s Child”
—from the Thirty Seven Practices of A Bodhisattva

Overlooking the magnificent expanse of the San Luis Valley and based high in the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains is Choying Dzong, the Yeshe Khorlo Retreat Center in Crestone, Colorado. Choying Dzong, the name given by Gangteng Tulku Rinpoche in 2001, means Fortress of Dharmata. Dharmata is a Sanskrit word that refers to the innate pure nature of all phenomena and the very essence of mind itself. Dzong, or fortress, refers to the vessel or mandala that holds that space and maintains its innate purity for all who enter.

Riwo Sang Cho

Riwo Sang Cho

In 1998, when the plans for Choying Dzong were first presented, Gangteng Rinpoche advised his students that, “Although it may be difficult to achieve the permanent rainbow shimmer of Guru Rinpoche’s Copper Colored Mountain–Zangdupalri–we should keep this as our vision.” Since the construction of Choying Dzong began in 1999, Yeshe Khorlo has provided a retreat setting that reflects the deep spiritual tradition of Bhutan and the authenticity of the Pema Lingpa lineage to Buddhist practitioners from all lineages who have either come for personal retreat or attended one of the regular teaching programs or group retreats offered in the lhakang (temple).

Cabin Three

Cabin Three

The retreat facilities at Choying Dzong, together with the excellent conditions of the land, offer an ideal environment in which to engage in solitary retreat. We have four cabins; each equipped with a small kitchen, including a two burner propane cook stove and ice chest, shrine and meditation area, wood stove for heat, sleeping area with closet, and outdoor composting toilet. The cabins vary, but are all around 200 sq ft in size. Two of the cabins have electricity for a small fridge and lights. While simple, the cabins are built to accommodate the needs of personal retreat in a pristine environment of awe inspiring beauty and peace.

Retreat Rates – thru December 31, 2018

Basic Cabin Cabin w/ Electricity
Monthly $400 Monthly $500
Weekly $160 Weekly $180
Daily $35 Daily $45
A cleaning deposit is charged for all retreats:
Under a month $50
1-3 months $75
4-6 months $100
7-12 months $200

Retreat Rates – effective January 1, 2019

Basic Cabin Cabin w/ Electricity
Monthly $450 Monthly $550
Weekly $180 Weekly $200
Daily $45 Daily $55

Retreat rates will increase on January 1, 2019 to help with the ongoing care and maintenance of the retreat center. Cleaning deposits will remain the same.

* Yeshe Khorlo Members with annual membership ($300 donation) receive a 10% discount on all personal retreats.

Please read the information contained in these links in preparation for your retreat:

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To arrange a retreat, email your preferred dates along with a brief statement of the intention for your retreat to the address below, attention: Retreat Manager.  We will get back to you with confirmation forms. Reservations are held with a non-refundable deposit of 20% of the retreat cost.

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For general inquiries or more information regarding retreats, please e-mail us.